Reformation by Bruce Gore

and somehow the Rome and the Reformers could wind up on the same page some of the criticisms that have been raised by the reformers could be accommodated and that somehow we could once again have broadly speaking a United Christian presence in Europe I think it’s safe to say that the Council of Trent nailed the coffin shut on that particular prospect it’s so rigidly affirmed the central points that had been the target of the criticism of the Reformers that it made it virtually unthinkable that there would ever be a resolution at least at that time now you know that to this day there are you know people out there attempting to find a common ground between the Protestant side and the Catholic Church and that’s a wonderful conversation to have but this has continued to be the sticking point the council of Trent really did reassert rather vigorously its commitment to the most controversial parts of its theology from the point of view of the Reformers and so 3:07


and so for purposes of just getting this on the table I’d like to run through these briefly just so we know what exactly they were the first of these would be the authority of the Pope now this stands for a broader idea and simply the Poe having authority in and of himself he’s the Vicar of Christ and they have an understanding he’s the descendant of course of Peter as the keys of the kingdom and all of that you’re familiar with that but this really stands more for the idea that the church represents a legitimate dual source of Revelation for God’s people so the Catholic Church has what’s called a dual source theory of Revelation meaning we have revelation of God’s truth from the Bible but we also along with that have revelation of God’s truth from the church and the church has the right to supplement what we understand to be God’s truth with additional information which has the same authority as the scriptures 4:07
為了公開地說講,我先簡單地說一下首先是確切的說明什麼是「教皇的權威」,就目前講「教皇的權威」這個字眼所涵蓋的意思極其廣泛,但是在當時只有教皇有權管理教會並且只有教皇一人才是「管理教會的牧師Vicar of Christ」,教會的人也認同教皇繼承彼得掌管天堂鑰匙的特權等等,正足以說明對當時信上帝的入來講,教會這個場所是提供「啟示錄」雙重資料來源的地方。換句話說,天主教會認為上帝的真道來源除聖經以外,上帝的真道還來自教會,天主教會並且認為教會有權柄按照人們所認為的真道提供額外的資料,並且認為人們所提供的資料與聖經上的話語有同等的權威性4:07
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