Effects of the Reformation by Bruce Gore

Reformation 0000-0108
So what I’d like to do at this point is and this is way too rapid this is under the general rubric of planting seeds so I don’t want to develop any of these things too deeply but at least get us thinking about where is history going now that the Reformation has begun to get a grip at least on some parts of European history so that’s part of what I’m trying to get at here and as I say there’s several different ways to think about this but one of the most important is to simply recognize that there is this move a foot which is resisting the Reformation in a fairly well-organized and consolidated fashion and this is commonly called the Counter Reformation there are three parts to it the first of them maybe the most important is called the Council of Trent Trent is a city in Europe and it was the venue for a series of sessions that met over about a twenty year period of time beginning in 1546 and ending sometime around 1564 I use those two dates because they’re they are kind of 1:08



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